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a screen shot from NBA 2K

What can I say this is as realistic as they come. The b-ball game of everyone’s dream…alley-oops, 180s, 360s, itz totally insane! Each character is custom fit and each looks exactly like their NBA protocol. Dreamcast’s first basketball game is a success… See that NBA Live games always steal the show I’m afraid itz been outdone. The only problem with that game is the sound may get choppy from time to time, and playerz can be block easily as well. Other than that the graphics…holy cow….the game play is fun as hmmmmm…..this site is rated pg sorry. I don’t care if you are a basketball game fan or not, when u’ve played NBA 2K you can never go back to those other games. NBA 2K is an officially licensed NBA game from Visual Concepts, the developer of NFL 2K. It features all the real players, teams, and arenas, as well as the usual basketball modes, like exhibition, season, and playoffs. The game also contains create-a-player option, which lets change anything possible. So those of you still living in the past will be able to create a pretty good clone of Michael Jordan.

Rating: 5
Music: itz a fricken basketball game who the heck needs music
Graphics: off the scale
Gameplay: 4.5
Good: Characters, gameplay, every single touch put into the game is worth it. CPU is challenging no lame BS.
Bad: sound can be choppy, free throws need improvement good thought in process but difficult at time.

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=) Sushi X jr. (aj)

KIng of Fighters
This is 2D fighting at itz best..Super combos, super special moves..everyone is back from all ur favorite Neo Geo games..Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and his burning knuckles, to Ryo from art of fighting. This is an all-star line up…Even though it is 2D it is still one of the very best fighting games out there now. Neo Geo has outdone itself with the making of this game soo many fighters to choose from..Yes fellas Yuri’s boobies do move around the whole time.=) Anywayz I think this is a must for dreamcast owners pleus in the beginning for all u anime fans there is a special 10-15 mintues anime cartoon featuring all the charaters.

Rating: 5 (fun as a biz-natch)
Music: 4
Graphics:4 (itz only 2D)
Gameplay: hmmm….King of fighter’s need I say more. If u haven’t played KOF’s in any version then the rating is 4.8
Good: Hmmmm…. Super special moves with Iori… he da man.. backrounds very nice touch
Bad: speed, characters need a little bit more ability, 2D

This review was done by:
=) Sushi X jr. (aj)

mice mice!

Chu Chu Rocket Review

The greatest multiplayer puzzle game since Tetris on the gameboy. First off the Chu Chus in this game are little deformed mice. They get chased by cats called Kapu Kapus or is it Kupa Kupas? Thats not important. The Chu Chus run straight, when they hit a wall they turn right. To move your Chu Chus you put little arrow tiles. a left arrow makes the Chu Chus and the Cats go left, and an up arrow makes them go up and etc. The one player puzzle mode is frustrating but you feel good after spending ten minutes on one puzzle and figuring ut how to get all the chu chus to the rockets without getting eaten. Well, thats the one player mode. The multiplayer is the best part of it. You and three buddies, throwing cats at each other, trying to get all the chu chus, hundreds of chu chus on the screen at once. This game is a great mulitplayer for the DC. Not only that its the first one to use the Dreamcast Netwotk for online play. Thats right, you can play against other chu chu addicts in the US, added bonus, you can even play against Japanese gamers too.

Music: 5 You pay more attention to the hundreds of Chu Chus not really the music
Graphics: 3.5 It doesnt push the DC to its limits
Gameplay: 4.5 excellent control
Good: Being able to play against Japanese gamers
Bad: Japanese gamers are extremely good, and a two second delay when placing your arrow tiles.

This review was done by:

Ikyo and iori if im not mistaken
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Rating System

1-I'm gonna hurl because it sucks so much...

2-Unless you're a big fan of the game, don't get it.

3-Average. It's pretty cool with minor flaws that won't really bother you

4-Very Good. Good game play, original, packed with goodies, but it's missing something that would have made it a 5.

5-Excellent! Stuff like this makes you glad to be the proud owner of a Dreamcast and the game...

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